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Other Services

These are some details of the various complementary services that we offer. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information or wish to book for any of the services available.

Specific tests requested by the partners of our Patients.

Certain gynaecological conditions may require the assessment of both the patient and her partner as a couple. This happens mainly in the treatment of infertility or sexually transmitted diseases (STD). In these cases we offer to the partners of our patients the possibility of carrying out the check-ups or tests required at our Center or being referred to other Clinics as appropriate.

Our pathology and laboratory services are also available for tests and screenings that can be requested as part of a joint study or individually. Please contact us if you require any specific type of test (urethral swab to rule out infectious diseases, screenings for the early diagnosis of prostate cancer, or others). We will inform you about availability and protocols to follow.

Immunization against HPV.

After breast cancer, cervical cancer is the most common form of cancer among women between 15 and 49 years of age. This cancer is caused by a virus known as human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is also responsible for causing other types of cancer, such as vaginal cancer, vulvar cancer, and other diseases such as genital warts.

Dr. Berral Ginecólogo Marbella - Other Services There are several types of human papilloma viruses. Types 16 and 18 are known to be responsible for 70% of the cases of cervical cancer, 70% of the vulva cancers, and a very high percentage of cases of vaginal cancer. Other HPV types, like 6 and 11, have been proved to be responsible for 90% of the cases of genital warts.

A vaccine that protects against HPV has been recently launched. It protects against infection from HPV types 6, 11, 16 and 18. Protection is obtained after the administration of three doses over a six-month period, and it reduces the risk of cervical cancer not only in adolescents who have not started sexual activity but also in adult women sexually active. The vaccine is recommended to 11 and 12-year-old girls and to teenagers and women between 13 to 26 years of age. The vaccine also provides protection to adult women who have not been exposed to a high-risk type of HPV.

It is estimated that 90% of women has been in contact with HPV throughout their lives. Most of these infections are stopped by the the immune system. Others win the battle and remain asymptomatic even for decades. These will evolve into high degrees Cervical Intraepthilial Neoplasia (CIN III), and carcinoma. The highest risk subtypes of HPV can also lead to certain male cancers (anal, scrotal or of the pennis) The launch of the first immunization against HPV is a landmark in the history of preventive medicine.

For the first time we have a vaccine which could prevent the onset or development of several types of cancer affecting every year thousands of women. You can contact with us if you would like further information or are interested in having the vaccine administered.

Dietetics and Nutrition.

It is estimated that nearly 40% of the adult population in Spain (between 25 and 60 years) suffers some form of overweight and nearly 15 percent suffers varying degrees of obesity. The problem in this age group affects more women than men.

Dr. Berral Ginecólogo Marbella - Other Services Infant and Teenager overweight and obesity are also on the increase. Some 15% of the children and teenagers are obese and over 25 % percent present overweight. Overweight and obesity among children and youth, however, are more common in boys.

Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions in the twenty-first century. If we are to reverse this tendency we need to introduce changes in dietary habits that we have acquired in recent decades and adopt healthier lifestyles in general.

We offer personalized nutritional and dietary advice including:

  • Slimming Diets.
  • Disease Specific diets. Disease Specific diets and nutritional advice for metabolic diseases -type I and type II diabetes, hypertension, lipid abnormalities, metabolic syndrome, food allergies or intolerances, anaemia, ...
  • Nutritional advice in normal and high risk pregnancies (gestational diabetes, overweight and obesity, hypertension,...).
  • Infant nutrition.
  • Children overweight and obesity.
  • Nutrition and menopause. Anti-aging concepts.
  • Others (nutrition and cancer, weight-gain diets, ...).

The initial consultation has an approximate duration of 1 hour. In your first visit we normally do:

  • Nutritional assessment to establish your dietary habits and nutritional status.
  • Blood tests.
  • Body analysis. Calculating your body mass index (BMI). Calculate your basal metabolic rate,....
  • General and individualizednutritional advice.
  • First diet with recommended daily calorie intake.

The follow-up consultations include:

  • Weight control.
  • Nutritional advice.
  • New diet.

Our nutrition and dietetics service has an educational approach. While you are losing weight or following a Disease Specific diet to deal with metabolic disorders, you should:

  • Become familiar with the nutritional value of the different foods used in your diet and their caloric value.
  • Understand the principles of a balanced diet and how an excess or deficiency of certain nutrients can affect your health or weight.
  • Learn how to combine foods properly to encourage assimilation of nutrients and avoid states of deficiency.
  • Get used to making informed decisions and not be influenced by the recommendations of indiscriminate consumption of costly designer's food.

You can contact us if you want to lose weight or think that introducing changes in your diet would improve your quality of live.

Antenatal and Parent preparation Classes.

Antenatal and Parent Preparation classes and workshops are available in the comfort of our premises. These classes will normally include information about:

  • General care to stay healthy in pregnancy and fit for childbirth: exercise in pregnancy, nutrition, care of the skin,..., etc.
  • The medical care that is needed to monitor the progress of your pregnancy and the wellbeing of your baby adequately: ultrasound scans, antenatal checkups, blood tests, screenings, etc.
  • The process of labour and childbirth, with opportunities to discuss breathing and relaxation techniques, pain relief, natural births or instrumental, abdominal deliveries, etc, ...
  • Postnatal issues of interest for the care of the baby: breastfeeding and bottle feeding, newborn screenings, immunizations, weight gain, etc. And postnatal care of the mother: gynaecological checkups, nutrition, weight lose, exercise, body care.

Any other issues regarding antenatal and postnatal care that may be of your interest.

The number of classes that you need will depend on your personal circumstances, but the following are advisable:

  • Early Pregnancy Class. This class can be arranged as soon as your pregnancy has been confirmed. It will cover topics such as general care in pregnancy (good nutrition, recommended weight gain, safe foods, exercise,...) and recommended medical care in pregnancy (antenatal clinics, tests and scans). This will help you make informed decisions about the kind of pregnancy care that you wish to receive.
  • Third trimester Class. This is a session to be attended at around week 30 of your pregnancy. It will make you familiar with The general care in the third trimester, how to look after yourself, and what to do to help your baby into an optimal position for labour and delivery. The process of labour and delivery, how to know whether you are in labour, what to expect in labour and delivery, pain relief, breathing and relaxation, ...
  • Specific Issues Workshops. You can also book a workshop on a specific issue of your interest: gestational diabetes, hypertension, obesity or any other nutritional or diet-related problem in pregnancy, breathing in labour and delivery, twin pregnancies, Caesarian sections, breastfeeding etc, etc.

Classes are not held in group but arranged individually for you and you partner or a companion of your choice. They can take about 2 hours for the longer more comprehensive sessions and about 1 hour for specific workshops. In this time we deal with a large number of relevant issues plus we focus on your particular case so that all your questions are answered. In this time we deal with a large number of relevant issues plus we focus on your particular case so that all your questions are answered. The number of classes that you need will depend on your personal circumstances. The contents of these sessions have been prepared using a variety of the most up-to date resources and the widest obstetric experience. At each antenatal class a variety of support material is used to illustrate the topics and make explanations entertaining and enjoyable. Summaries with the main details and fact sheets for future reference are provided after each session.

Neonates Care.

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